Gynecological services in Poltava

The medical and consultation center “Perlina Zdorov’ya” offers qualified consultations and high-quality treatment of gynecological diseases. The center employs experienced, highly qualified doctors.

Application of the latest materials and modern technologies, control of each of the stages of treatment allows us to offer guaranteed quality to each patient.

Argon plasma coagulator – the most modern method of treating cervical diseases.

Gynecological services

  • Diagnosis and treatment of various types of infertility.
  • Ultrasound scan;
  • Consultations on family planning (postpartum and post-abortion planning).
  • Qualitative and individual selection of contraceptive methods.
  • Diagnosis of early pregnancy, treatment of miscarriage.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of menstrual irregularities (primary and secondary amenorrhea, polymenorrhea, algodismenorrhea).
  • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs, diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections, TORCH infections.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of cervix uteri pathology, colposcopic diagnostics with a computer report and color colphotography.
  • Radio wave excision and conization of the cervix uteri, papillomas and genital warts of the vagina and external genitalia.

    • Bloodless field, minimal operative and postoperative pain, lack of electric burn.
    • Accelerated and scarless healing of tissue, without damaging healthy tissue.
    • Cosmetic result exceeds the results after the application of traditional methods of treatment of the cervix uteri.
  • Argon plasma ablation (coagulation) of erosion, dyskeratosis, endometrioid heterotopy of the genitals.

    • High treatment efficiency, healing in a short time, lack of rough scars.
    • Superficial, gentle argon plasma ablation makes it possible to use this method in nulliparous women.
  • Medical abortion (gentle and painless manipulation carried out with the help of drugs in short gestation).

Physiosurgical methods for the diagnosis and treatment of cervical pathology – 1
Physiosurgical methods for the diagnosis and treatment of cervical pathology – 2