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How to find us

ul. Kalinina, 42
Poltava, 36028
ph/fax: 38 0532 63-17-20
mobile: 096 758 4973
mobile: 099 399 0004
ul. M. Biruzova, 50/1
ph: 38 0532 61-06-93

Our doctors


Dentist Sambolya Valery V.

Gynecologist-oncologist Kravtsova Antonina

Natalia Sambolya - obstetrician-gynecologist, infertility treatment

Valery Sambolya

Valery V. Sambolya - dentist, director of the clinic has worked since 1993.

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Antonina Kravtsova

PhD Antonina Kravtsova, a gynecologist-oncologist. Experience of over 40 years.

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Natalia Sambolya

N. Sambolya, a obstetrician-gynecologist. Infertility treatment by modern methods. Experience of over 20 years.

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For our patients

Two-room apartment for patients of clinic

Accommodation for clinic patients

Medico-consulting center "Perlina zdorovya" has the opportunity to provide housing for the needs of their out-of-town patients. At your service is a two-room apartment, which is located in Poltava. The convenient location of the apartment allows patients to reach the clinic by all kinds of transport.

Details and conditions of settlement at the clinic administrator by phones:
phone/fax: (0532) 63-17-20
mob.: 096 758 4973
mob.: 099 399 0004

Medical - Consulting Center "Perlyna Zdorov'ya" Poltava

Surgical, orthopedic, orthodontic dentistry, gynecology, infertility treatment

Welcome to Medical - Consulting Center "Perlyna Zdorov'ya"

Medical - Consulting Center "Perlyna Zdorov'ya"

- Is a quality treatment of teeth and gums at the advanced level;

- Is expert advice and quality treatment of internal diseases.

Our dentistry

Is always attentive relation to each patient, standard of quality, professionalism and care. If you need a clinic, in which you will have been understood come to "Perlyna Zdorov'ya" and you will not be disappointed.


1. Diagnosis and treatment of infertility, menstrual disorders, TORCH-infections.
2. Advice on family planning (post-natal and post-abortion planning).
3. Quality and individual selection of contraceptive methods.
4. Diagnosis of early pregnancy.
5. Medical abortion (painless manipulation conducted with using of drugs).
6. Examination by physician MD gynecologist - oncologist.

Application of new materials and modern technologies, control of each stage of treatment, allows us to offer for each patient guaranteed quality.